a free to play, competitive, no-nonsense, online & offline puzzler, directly in your browser.

Play However, Wherever

Releasing in 2023, Klossar will be available directly in your web browser on computers, tablets and smartphones. Supports gamepad, keyboard, mouse, touch, and even drawing tablets!

The game is seamlessly downloaded and stored directly in your browser, allowing you to play without an internet connection!

Offline Beta Released!

An offline-only beta is now available, giving access to single player, local multiplayer (2 player), and Puzzle Mode.

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Note that some features on this page aren't available yet.

Game Modes


Defeat your opponents by sending blocks onto their boards.


Fulfill certain configurable conditions to win the match.

Time Trial

Strive to achieve the highest score possible within 2 minutes.


Single player mode that never ends. Great for practice!
Picture of what Local Multiplayer looks like
Picture of what Local Multiplayer looks like with the face-to-face layout

Local Multiplayer

Play locally with up to 4* players on the same device.

Supports traditional couch multiplayer as well as a face-to-face layout tailored for touch-enabled devices which allows you to face off one another without being in the way.

*Initial release may only support up to 2 players locally, as I work towards implementing full support for more.

Cooperative Play

The game will feature local co-op where two or more players share the same board and work together to make combos and chains, or battle it out as multiple teams.

*This mode may not be ready for launch.


Ranked Play

Game will have ranked matchmaking of various game modes, using Glicko-2. The exact modes and settings are not yet determined, and will depend on community feedback. Gamepad and Keyboard (without mouse) ranked may be separated from the other input types to provide a more fair playing field.


Browse ranked leaderboards both ingame, and on the official website. Certain solo modes may receive their own leaderboards.

Custom Lobbies

Customizable lobbies, allowing you to play matches just the way you want.


Asynchronous gameplay makes the game as responsive as if you were playing locally.


Spectate other players in real-time. *May not be available on launch.

Puzzle Mode

The game will also have a heavy focus on puzzle creation and sharing, beyond ranked play. With a built in editor you'll be able to create, share, upload* and browse user created puzzles directly in the game.

Puzzles online will feature optional validation to ensure that the creator has actually beat a puzzle themselves, allowing you to filter out ones which may be impossible.

I plan to expand on the mode with more features and functionality later down the line, such as custom win conditions, new block types, collectables, and more.

*You may have to purchase a full version of the game to upload puzzles. See Monetization for more information.

Other Features


Replays are automatically saved locally and can be played back.

*Supporters may have replays of ranked matches saved online automatically. (subject to change)


You will be able to customize the appearance of boards, and replace all audio, if you want something nostalgic or different.

*May not be available, or have minimal support, on release.


Klossar will be available in multiple languages, currently featuring English, Swedish and Finnish, with Japanese coming soon™.


Picture of a single player endless match
Picture of a single player objective match
Picture of a multiplayer match
Picture of the main menu screen
Picture of the controller assignment dialogue
Picture of the puzzle select screen
Picture of the virtual keyboard
Picture of the multiplayer options screen
Picture of the audio settings

*Screenshots were taken early in development.


Klossar is a one man project by CloudMax that has been in development since late 2015. Since then, it has seen numerous rewrites in various frameworks and engines such as Unity, JavaScript (React), MonoGame, osu!framework, and Godot, before finally landing on TypeScript + Vue.js for the client (with C# for the core gameplay logic) in January 2023.

Klossar has always been a passion project of mine, and something I've wanted to make ever since I got into programming almost 2 decades ago. Reason being a certain N64 game from 2000 which happens to be my all-time favorite puzzle game, and is something I played against my older brother for countless hours growing up.

I want the game to be the best that it can be, and accessible to everyone, so in the end I opted to develop the game in what I am the most familiar and comfortable with. Being a full-time web & systems developer of 9 years, and the ease of starting up a browser game as a player, it seemed like the obvious choice, despite the potential drawbacks.

Klossar Five Years Ago

Picture of what the main menu of Klossar looked like in 2018


the game will be free to play at its core, and serve 0 ads. I am doing my utmost to provide a free-to-play experience while still staying grounded in reality, as I do need to make money somehow in order to actively support the game long-term.

There will likely a full version of the game, which would be required for certain features, such as uploading puzzles online, for around $5. It is by no means meant to be necessary to get the core game experience. I want as many people as possible to be able to experience the game.

Certain features added post-launch may require it, or be sold as DLC, depending on the size and scope. An example of something which likely would be sold as DLC is a potential single player adventure mode, if I ever make one.

There will be supporter status through Patreon (and possibly other means) which gives you certain perks. What exactly this entails, or what it will cost, is not yet determined, but it will not be required to experience the core game. It might include things such as:
  • Cosmetics, like colored names & badges online
  • Ranked match replays being saved online and downloadable
  • Increased puzzle upload cap
  • Early access to try new features
  • Receiving DLC on release at no additional cost, and keeping it forever

What now?

The goal is to release the game by the end of 2023 if all goes well.

If you want to support the game directly, I do have a Patreon, but the best way to support the development right now is to share the game with others to make more people aware of it.

You can also follow the development on the Discord server.

I may attempt crowdfunding at some point to gather funds to expand upon the game further, and allow me to put more time into it, depending on the reception the game receives.

My passion is admittedly the puzzle mode aspect of the game, and I'd very much like to build upon it with an adventure/story mode, and way more features.